Techtextil North America 2010 Showcases The Latest Developments In Technical Textiles And Nonwovens

ATLANTA, April 13, 2010 — Leading technical textile and nonwovens companies from around theworld
will showcase the latest products and advanced technologies in textiles, nonwovens and materials
during Techtextil North America2010 next month in Atlanta, Georgia.

Techtextil North America represents all vertical aspects of the technical textile industry
from research and development, through raw materials and production processes, to conversion,
further treatment and recycling. 

Some of the highlights of the 2010 exhibit hall will include:

Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc. will have a focus on offering options that
are both economical and eco-friendly. Aurora had added cationic cotton fabric dyeing to its range
of fabric coloring capabilities.This process utilizes fabrics made with cationic treated cotton
yarn which has an affinity for reactive dye. The benefits of this system are many including;
shorter dye cycles, reduced usage of energy and water, elimination of salts and alkali, reduction
of greige fabric SKU’s,etc. By blending the cationic cotton yarns with standard cotton or other
fibers it’s possible to create yarn dyed effects with the flexibility and convenience of piece
dyeing. This is just one of several low environmental impact dyeing/finishing processes offered by

Bally Ribbon Mills will demonstrate their extensive product line of engineered,
woven, narrow fabrics, specialty broadcloth and woven structures for medical, industrial, safety,
aerospace and commerical applications. The Bally Ribbon Mills exhibit will display samples of woven
tubular vascular stents, bifurcate grafts, tapered weaves and arteries that are used to repair
damaged blood vessels as well as blood filtration membrane and carbon fiber structures for
orthopedic and prosthetic applications. In addition, samples of circular (polar) weaves, woven 2D
and 3D shapes, fabrics used for parachutes and for air frame components will be displayed.

Brueckner Textile Technologies GmbH & Co., is a worldwide leading producer of
systems for the finishing of textiles, nonwovens and technical textiles. One focus at Techtextil
North America will be on eco-technologies – saving energy on the highest level. Using a Brueckner
Eco-Heat recovery unit allows energy savings of up to 35% depending on the process. The low
investment costs can be recuperated in a very short time. The already low emissions of Brueckner’s
stenters can be reduced even further with an Eco-Airpurification unit consisting of a scrubber
and/or electrostatic precipitator as supplement to the heat recovery system. 

Imerys Performance Minerals
will be featuring FiberLinkTM treated calcium carbonate
at Techtextil North America, a highly engineered mineral additive produced in North America, Europe
and Asia.FiberLinkTM is specifically designed for use in fiber and nonwoven applications, where it
provides up to 10% raw material cost savings and performance enhancements such as softness,
opacity, and filtration efficiency. In addition, the carbon footprint of FiberLinkTM is only
one-fourth that of the polypropylene resin it replaces. Imerys also produces treated calcium
carbonate additives for film and molded packaging applications. These products, Supercoat® and the
FilmLink® series, will be featured at the event as well.

Khosla Profil Pvt. Ltd.
  – the difference is in the fabrics. Khosla Profil has
over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of filtration and industrial fabrics and has fully
integrated operations from fiber to made-ups. The group now intends to consolidate its position in
the industrial fabric market and focus efforts on the export front. Fabrics for modern filtration
equipment, monofilament fabrics and specialized made-ups will all be presented at Techtextil North

Kuraray America, Inc. will feature Vectran® fiber and exhibit its diverse
portfolio of advanced fibers and further processed applications at Techtextil North America. The
company will highlight Vectran knitted fabrics offering cut, puncture, abrasion and heat resistance
properties. Available in multi-filament, spun and hybrid varieties, these fabrics offer excellent
drapability to molded composites and are suited for a wide range of end-use applications, from
cut-resistant gloves to puncture-resistant garments, as a high performance alternative to aramids.
Kuraray will also feature its new solution-dyed Vectran HT, a high-tenacity fiber available in
several new colors, providing enhanced UV resistance, colorfastness and strength. 

Leigh Fibers, Inc. will feature high-quality recycled aramids and other technical
fibers at Techtextil North America next month. Visitors to their booth will be challenged to
distinguish virgin fibers from Leigh’s recycled fibers, which have the same performance
characteristics and are very similar in appearance. Among the samples will be SafeLeighTM FR
shoddy, Leigh’s cost-effective alternative for manufacturers who need a fire-retardant material
that meets growing consumer demand for environmentally-friendly content. Leigh is one of the
world’s leading processors of textile waste and fiber by-products, having diverted some 14 billion
pounds from landfills so far.

MAGEBA Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG will showcase machines for the entire
production cycle of narrow fabrics, most of them being shown in full operation in the R&D
section. The range is comprised of warping machines, narrow fabric needle and shuttlelooms, dyeing
and finishing ranges, press and friction calenders, measuring and making up machines, inspection
machines and special purpose bespoke products. To respond to the increasing demand for medical and
high technological applications of woven fabrics with special features, MAGEBA has strongly focused
their research and development efforts during the last few years on shuttle loom technology.

Norafin GmbH will present a wide selection of powerful hydroentangled and
needlepunched product solutions and composites that are used in the sector of filtration,
protective clothing and industrial specialty applications. Their Komanda Material, an innovative,
multifunctional nonwoven for the protective clothing market, is a powerful alternative to
conventional textiles for industrial FR workwear, military uniforms and protective clothing against
electric arcs. Also featured will be the Norafin 3D Performance Material which offers a variety of
advantages in the sector of protective clothing.Thanks to the air entrapped within the product and
its special surface quality, the nonwoven allows improved insulation and increased comfort in its
end use.

REIMOTEC GmbH is a system supplier of monofilament and strapping tape production
equipment. This means that REIMOTEC does not only supply the equipment but the entire engineering
and extensive know-how in process technology. This complete package is one of the reasons why they
have become the market leader in the monofilaments and strapping tapes area. As part of the
Reifenhäuser Group, REIMOTEC and its customers can benefit from the wide range of experience of a
market leader in extrusion technology which can also offer the flexibility, power of innovation and
direct customer contact expected of a specialist in this market segment.

Richard Hough Ltd., specialist squeeze roll manufacturer, has collaborated with
Just Rollers plc, world leader in elastomer rollcoverings, to develop the new Resilio system.
Trials have identified substantial performance benefits over the existing market-leading elastomer
roll cover: typically 40% better expression on knitted goods and typically 30% better expression on
wovens. Richard Hough Ltd.has applied for a patent for the new Resilio roll, which combines the
company’s own expertise in mechanical squeezing and dewatering equipment with specially-developed
dual-layer technology for the covering. The secret is in the integration of the squeezing power of
the sub-layer with a revolutionary profile-hugging top layer.

RKW US, Inc. will highlight Aptra® microporous film protection gainst viral
penetration and blood borne pathogens in hygiene and medical applications. Aptra® Classic is
lightweight, breathable microporous polypropylene film used in diverse medical and hygiene
applications where demonstrable ability to resist blood borne pathogen ASTM F-1670 and viral
penetration ASTM-F1671 is required. Aptra® UV8 is a lightweight, UV stablilized, water
resistant,non-abrasive polypropylene film with excellent bonding, barrier and degradation
properties. All raw materials used in Aptra® Classic and Aptra® UV8 microporous films are FDA
approved for incidental or direct contact or both. The films are produced exclusively in North
America for RKW US, Inc. in an ISO 9001 plant.

Stahl manufactures textile and thin film performance coating systemswith an
emphasis on bringing FR, breathability, ink-jet printability and other key performance effects to a
variety of substrates. Stahl will showcase a new class of high performance water-based FR
polyurethane coatings utilizing inherently FR, halogen free, NMP-freepolymerization technology. For
the ultimate combination of performance, Stahl will also showcase a new breathable FR coating
suitable for use in demanding protective apparel applications. For maximum visual impact when
ink-jet printing on challenging substrates, Stahl will promote their line of print receptive
coatings aswell as protective top-coats.

Stein Fibers, Ltd.
is proud to launch the U.S. polyester industry into a more
environmentally friendly future by introducing Infinity Polyester. Infinity Polyester is a
domestically produced 100% recycled fiber with up to 100% post-consumer bottle flake content.
Infinity Polyester can be customized for specific processes and applications. Production
capabilities include 3 to 40 denier, 25 to 102mm cut lengths, and a variety of shade specific

Zeus Inc., a global leader in material science and high performance polymer
extrusions, has expanded its drawn fiber capabilities to include PFA, FEP, ETFE, and other
polymers. This product line expansion will result in enormous benefits for manufacturers around the
world and allow more flexibility and options in regard to aerospace, semiconductor, and chemical
applications. The enhanced product offering creates an arsenal of fibers that have diverse
properties, such as abrasion resistance, chemical inertness, and optical clarity. Zeus products and
services are preferred by companies in medical, automotive, electrical, fluid handling, aerospace,
and mechanical markets.

The seventh edition of Techtextil North America, the only trade show in the Americas
dedicated to technical textiles and nonwovens, will beheld May 18 – 20, 2010 at the Georgia World
Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  For the more information including a full exhibitor
list, visit

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Posted on April 13, 2010

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