SETeMa Debuts I-Fix Unit

SETeMa BV, the Netherlands — a manufacturer of textile machinery for dyestuff fixation,
coating/padding, washing, finishing and drying — has debuted the I-Fix in-line heat fixation unit
for the fixation of disperse direct and disperse transfer/sublimation dyes. The unit automatically
synchronizes textile printing and heat fixation in a one-step process, allowing the unit to be
coupled in-line to a digital printer without the use of a mechanical or electrical interface.
Because the unit works independently from printer hardware and software, existing printers without
an in-line fixation may be upgraded with the I-Fix.

According to SETeMA, the I-Fix offers benefits including: textile structure preservation
owing to pressure-free heat fixation; a paper-free workflow, offering consumable cost-savings; an
integrated exhaust that removes hazardous solvents and has a hood that can be opened for cleaning;
an optional parking shield that protects the cloth during a printer stop; a reusable winding system
or the option of using the company’s center winder; an electrical heated aluminum drum with an even
temperature in the full width, offering quick heat transfer to the textile; and versatility to
allow universal drying applications. The unit also comes equipped with its own embedded control

April 27, 2010