Premium NILIT® Yarns Boost Performance And Environmental Friendliness Of Thoni Mara® Running Wear

MIGDAL HAEMEK, Israel and THUM, Germany – April 14th , 2010 – NILIT Ltd., a leading manufacturer of
nylon 6.6 fibers and engineering thermoplastics compounds, and thoni mara, a brand of leading
sportswear maker Nautilus, today announced that thoni mara®’s GREEN FEE® runners’ shirts collection
contains the premium NILIT yarn EcoCare and the premium collection the NILIT yarn Aquarius.

NILIT® EcoCare and yarns are key components of the fabric created especially for the Green
Fee shirts, which are designed for superior performance and comfort while being kind to the
environment. NILIT EcoCare is a high-quality yarn made of recycled polymer that provides excellent
color depth and uniform dye-ability. NILIT Aquarius is a high-performance yarn engineered to wick
away moisture.

The unique properties of these NILIT yarns, combined with thoni mara environmentally friendly
and fair Green Fee manufacturing processes, create outstanding runners’ shirts that are highly
functional and fashionable as well as fair and sustainable.

“NILIT EcoCare  has proven to be ideal yarns for thoni mara Green Fee runners’ shirts,”
said Christian Schwab (CEO). “We have exacting standards for every aspect of our products and these
NILIT yarns fully meet our requirements for color, durability, moisture management and
environmental friendliness.”

The premium collection with NILIT Aquarius  was recently named as a finalist in the
prestigious Brand New Awards at the ISPO sports show, held in February. The collection garnered a
great deal of attention at the show with visitors interested in its unique combination of
high-performance and sustainable production.

Mr.Gilad Frenkel, Marketing and Sales Manager at NILIT commented: “We are proud to have
contributed to thoni mara’s success at the ISPO show, in the Brand New Awards and, most
importantly, in the market place.”

About NILIT Ltd.

NILIT customizes nylon 6.6 fibers and engineering thermoplastic compounds to solve customer
challenges. A global company established in 1969, NILIT operates in more than 70 countries
worldwide. The company’s headquarters is located in Israel and it has manufacturing facilities in
Israel, Germany, Italy, USA and China. For more information:

About thoni mara

Who or what is behind this new brand which has recently been making a name for itself with
runners? The shirts have been grabbing attention not only because of their unique design but also
because they function extraordinarily well. An ambitious marathon runner knows how to appreciate
these benefits just as well as a leisurely jogger does. Probably the most amazing fact though is
that these shirts are manufactured in Germany. A real high-tech product: Made in Germany! For more

Posted on April 20, 2010

Press Release Courtesy of Nilit Ltd. and thoni mara