Herrmann Ultrasonics Introduces Ultraspin Ultrasonic Bonding System

Bartlett, Ill.-based Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc. — a manufacturer of ultrasonic welding equipment
and a Germany-based Herrmann Group company — has introduced the Ultraspin ultrasonic bonding
system for applications including cuff welding, front and back ear attachment, acquisition layer,
tape construction and side seam, among other textile and bonding applications.

Ultraspin’s newly designed rigid bearing sleeve technology withstands high bonding forces,
according to the company, enabling high-speed continuous and intermittent application, and
providing precise parallel adjustment with no vibration of the sleeve/bearing assembly. The bonding
module comprises a rotary sonotrode, in addition to the double bearing sleeve, bearings and a
specially designed 35-kilohertz converter. The system may be combined with the close-loop Microgap
control system.

Benefits of the Ultraspin bonding system include: a small design for simple retrofitting of
existing production lines; improved visual quality and 3-D texture of the bonded product; increased
overall equipment efficiency; increased line speed compared to conventional ultrasonic system
outputs; smooth web handling; bonding of material less than 12 grams per square meter; and a 9- to
40-millimeter bonding width with speeds greater than 500 meters per minute.

April 13, 2010