United Yarn Launches Super 6 Nylon™

The Industrial Filament Group of Wayne, N.J.-based United Yarn Products Co. Inc. has entered into
an exclusive agreement with a specialty producer based in Europe under which United Yarn will
manufacture and distribute ultra-high-tenacity Super 6 Nylon™ yarn. According to the company, the
yarn, spun on state-of-the-art Barmag machinery, is the highest-tenacity nylon 6 yarn available
worldwide. Targeted applications include rope, cordage, industrial strapping, marine moorings and
other high-strength applications.

The new yarn is available in 840, 1,260, 1,680 and 1,890 deniers in natural, black and 10
solution-dyed colors. It is compacted and also can be plied and air-jet textured. Packages weigh 21
pounds, with a pallet weighing approximately 2,000 pounds.

March 9, 2010