ACIMIT Reports Increased Textile Machinery Orders In 2009

The Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers (ACIMIT), Milan, has reported that
Italian textile machinery orders for the second half of 2009 increased 36 percent compared to the
same period in 2008. ACIMIT said that although it’s too early to interpret this turnaround as a
sign that the economic crisis is ending, the overall recovery for both domestic and foreign markets
indicates a global move from the minimum threshold reached during the second half of 2008.

“There has been a very strong reaction by our businesses to the persistent and generalized
downturn in demand,” said Sandro Salmoiraghi, president, ACIMIT. “However, this has engendered a
further reduction in already slim margins.”

ACIMIT reports that domestically, new orders in the second half of 2009 increased 21 percent
compared to the second half of 2008; and in foreign markets, new orders increased 45 percent. The
organization notes that initiatives adopted by governments to support the textile industry have in
general revived the local textile sectors. In China and India — the two main markets for Italian
textile machinery — there has been a slight increase in new investments, as shown by orders taken
by Italian machinery manufacturers.

March 2, 2010