Masley’s Military Technical Gloves With SmartSilver™ Antimicrobial Give Soldiers Added Protection

Bellefonte, PA – January 13, 2010 – Masley Enterprises (, maker of innovative
performance hand wear for military service personnel, relies on SmartSilver™ antimicrobial
protection to keep its popular Cold Weather Flyer (CWF) gloves comfortable and odor free. Made in
America, these fire resistant and waterproof combat gloves are designed for inside and outside use.
SmartSilver antimicrobial prevents the odor build up and material degradation that can occur when
fabrics are exposed to perspiration and moisture. 

“Our CWF combat gloves provide a unique combination of protective and dexterity benefits not
previously available in military gloves,” says Frank Masley, the company’s founder and designer.
“The CWF gloves are breathable, waterproof, and flame resistant yet are also pliable so that
soldiers can easily operate their weapons and equipment. The non-melt antimicrobial SmartSilver
fabric interior prohibits the growth of bacteria that can make the gloves smell- a complaint many
soldiers have about other gloves.”

The SmartSilver fabric lining is manufactured by Cari Fabrics in Greensboro, NC. “We selected
SmartSilver to provide unsurpassed antimicrobial protection for the CWF glove fabric lining,” says
Joe Carrigan, president of Cari Fabrics. “SmartSilver bonds permanently and won’t wash out or wear
off so we know our fabric can stand up to the stress and hardships our soldiers face in the field.”
SmartSilver’s unique antimicrobial nanotechnology works at the microscopic level and doesn’t
compromise the lining’s softness or interfere with other performance additives.

Masley’s CWF gloves were first tested by troops in Afghanistan and have quickly become a
popular product with soldiers there. As a result, Masley increased its supply of the glove to the
military by 50% during 2009 and will increase supply again in 2010. Both Masley and NanoHorizons,
the maker of SmartSilver antimicrobial additives, recently moved to larger facilities with expanded
manufacturing capacity to keep up with increasing demand. “Our CWF gloves clearly provide
performance benefits that soldiers value,” says Masley. “We are proud that our products are helping
our military personnel fulfill their missions more confidently and comfortably.”  

Posted on January 19, 2010

Press Release Courtesy of NanoHorizons Inc.