Manufacturers Chemicals Introduces Defoamer SOY

Cleveland, Tenn.-based Manufacturers Chemicals LLC — a producer of specialty chemicals for the
textile, paper, metals and coating industries, and a division of Synalloy Corp. — has introduced
Defoamer SOY, an eco-friendly antifoaming agent made from mixture of vegetable oils, primarily
soybean oil.

According to Mike Junkins, director, Manufacturers Chemicals, Defoamer SOY is based on the
company’s proprietary process in which the vegetable product is exposed to high temperatures and
high pressures, followed by the addition of silica, which is reduced to minute particles. The
resulting antifoaming product comprises 99.5-percent natural and renewable resources.

Manufacturers Chemicals Research and Development (R&D) has over the past two years
created several process aids, leveling agents for different fibers, and lubricating agents
comprising vegetable oils and other natural ingredients. “The ever increasing demands for
economical solutions that are environmentally friendly have kept our R&D efforts directed
toward chemical modification of natural and renewable plant and animal derivatives,” said Chuck
Stige, president, Manufacturers Chemicals. “We have discovered that if they are properly modified
these materials are not just green but highly functional and effective.” Junkins reports the
company expects to add at least one product per quarter in 2010 to its eco-friendly line, and also
is considering teaming up with farmer trade groups to help develop other unique ideas.

Manufacturers Chemicals is producing Defoamer SOY commercially at its Cleveland facility. The
antifoaming agent already is being used by several U.S. textile operations, and trials are being
conducted in several Central and South American textile operations as well, the company

January 5, 2010