Innegra™ S Fiber Honored By Material ConneXion For Material Innovation

Innegra™ S fiber, developed by Innegrity LLC, a Simpsonville, S.C.-based manufacturer of
high-performance fibers for composites applications, has received an Honorable Mention in the
inaugural competition for the MEDIUM Award for Material of the Year 2009, sponsored by Material
ConneXion — a materials consultancy with offices in New York City; Bangkok, Thailand; Cologne,
Germany; Milan; and Daegu, Korea.

“The MEDIUM Award for Material of the Year is an opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary
breadth and scope of materials innovation today,” said George M. Beylerian, founder and CEO,
Material ConneXion. “Innegra S is recognized as an honorable mention due to the exemplary material
innovation achieved in this product.”

According to Innegrity, Innegra S — used in composites for ballistic, sporting goods, and
marine and automotive applications — is the lightest-weight high-performance fiber available on
the market. The fiber offers a low-cost alternative to such high-performance fibers as aramids,
carbon and glass; and soft ballistic armor containing Innegra S and aramid fiber provides the same
level of protection as armor made with aramid alone. In addition, fabrics and composites made with
the fiber offer a superior grip owing to special surface features, the company reports.

Material ConneXion will present Innegra S, along with 10 other Honorable Mentions and the
winning entry, at its MEDIUM Award for Material of the Year 2009 exhibition in its New York City
showroom from Jan. 11 through Feb. 19, 2010.

December 22, 2009