Industrial Microwave Systems Retains Allertex Of America As Manufacturer’s Representative

Morrisville, NC   (December 1, 2009) – Industrial Microwave Systems, L.L.C. (IMS), a
manufacturer of patented microwave heating and drying equipment headquartered in Morrisville, NC,
has entered into an agreement with Allertex of America, a leading manufacturer’s representative for
nonwoven and textile equipment companies.  The agreement establishes Allertex as Industrial
Microwave Systems’ sales agent for the nonwoven and textile markets in North America.

“We’re excited to partner with Allertex and leverage their expertise and experience to
further promote and establish our technology in these markets,” stated Darian Spell, Market Manager
at Industrial Microwave Systems.

IMS manufactures industrial heating and drying equipment that employs microwave energy to
efficiently heat and dry webbed substrates.  The company’s patented designs and technology
excel at providing rapid, uniform heating in a precisely controllable manner.  These features
enable nonwovens and textile producers to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, improve
product quality, and develop new innovative products.  Conventional drying technologies
(convection and conduction) heat from the surface inward; microwave energy rapidly heats the volume
of moisture throughout the product.  This attribute makes it particularly effective in drying
less porous and dense fabrics.

According to David Culp, CEO of Allertex of America, “We see potential value with Industrial
Microwave Systems’ technology for two types of customers – those that have existing drying lines
and those who are putting in new lines where drying of moisture is an integral process.  For
companies retrofitting existing drying lines, this technology can increase productivity while
reducing operating costs. For customers installing new lines, traditional oven technology can be
reduced or possibly even eliminated.”

The modular design of IMS dryers typically utilize a smaller footprint than traditional
drying equipment and can be designed to effectively serve multiple drying functions.  The
technology can act as a:

•    Stand-alone, total drying solution

•    Pre-dryer to efficiently heat moisture to evaporative temperature prior
to entering a conventional dryer to boost overall drying capacity

•    Post-dryer after a conventional dryer to efficiently remove final
residual moisture and optimize drying uniformity

IMS operates a one meter wide drying unit at its facility for customer trials.  In
addition, to assess the value of adding a microwave drying system into a production line, IMS will
complete a custom economic benefit analysis based upon a company’s specific requirements.

December 1, 2009

Press Release Courtesy of Allertex of America