Eighteen US Carpet Companies Signed To Laneve Partnerships

New Zealand, Dec. 3, 2009 – Wool Partners now has partnership arrangements with 18 US carpet
companies for use of the Wools of New Zealand Laneve fibre integrity brand.

Wool Partners CEO Iain Abercrombie said the number of partnerships had increased dramatically
in recent weeks as negotiations under way for several months had come to fruition. “This reflects
the appeal of the brand to manufacturers and customers in the US, and preparation for the launch of
new carpet ranges at trade fairs in the northern winter. The first major fair is Domotex, the
world’s largest, in Hanover, Germany in mid-January. The largest US floorcovering show, Surfaces
2010, follows in February in Las Vegas.

“The trade fairs will kick off marketing and promotional campaigns targeted at high-end
consumers in the US who want wool carpets made in line with their own ethical and environmental
standards. All the evidence indicates that this is a large and growing segment in what is the
largest carpet market in the world.”

Laneve partnerships commit the carpet companies to use New Zealand wool meeting specific
standards on farming practice, animal welfare, sustainability, traceability and the environment.

“The deals we have signed with our partners are designed to create relationships that will
last for many years,” Iain Abercrombie said. “Laneve will appear on carpets alongside the Wools of
New Zealand brand, which has been well established in the US market for 15 years.

“Laneve will become a key element in the branding and marketing strategies of the partners
involved, supported by a range of promotional and technical services provided by Wools of New
Zealand. The combined programme will raise awareness of the unique attributes of New Zealand strong
wool, and over time will realise its true value.”

The list of US carpet manufacturers now signed to Laneve partnerships includes:

    * Bellbridge Carpets

    * Bloomsburg

    * Fabrica

    * Glen Eden Wool Carpet

    * Masland Carpets

    * Prestige Mills

    * Silver Creek Carpets

    * Woolshire Carpet Mills

    * CH Designs

    * Creative Accents

    * Davis & Davis Rugs

    * Decorative Carpets

    * J. Mish Inc.

    * Luzern

    * Rodeo Mills

    * Saxony Distributors

    * Tisca Tiara

    * Weave-Tuft

Negotiations are continuing with several other manufacturers who have expressed interest in
becoming Laneve partners.

Information on the major US carpet companies signed to the Laneve programme – and on others
working with the Wools of New Zealand brand – is contained in the Wool Guide which accompanies this
news release. The Wool Guide has also been distributed through the major US trade publication Floor
Covering News.

“It’s very gratifying to see the business case put forward to wool growers over the past two
years being further validated through the participation of the major manufacturers in our target
markets,” Mr Abercrombie said.

“The Wools of New Zealand business unit provides a range of services including market
development, branding, creative and technical assistance. Wools of New Zealand works with more than
100 carpet and rug brand partners in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.”

Press release courtesy of Wool Partners International LLC

Posted on December 29, 2009