ČEZ Group, Elmarco Are First To Test Special Solar Panels Containing Nanofibres

Prague, November 2nd, 2009 – Power-producing group ČEZ and ELMARCO have launched a co-operative
project, with the aim to establish economically favourable solar panels, which are the first in the
world using nanofibres to produce energy. The first stage embodies in testing these panels in
effective conditions and comparison of output by conventional silicon panels and the new
“nanofibrous” ones based on the technology developed by ELMARCO. Concurrently, both the partners
intend to prove the economic profitability of this new way of “green energy” production.

Owing to co-operation of the ČEZ Group and the ELMARCO company, which is the world-class
supplier of industrial scale nanofibre production equipment and pioneer in nanofibre applications
in all spheres of human life, the new types of solar panels using nanofibres for solar energy
collection and its conversion to electric power were installed in the premises of nuclear power
station Temelín.

“Till now, nowhere in the world were nanofibres used for this particular type of solar
panels. Therefore, in order to test their effective functionality, we choose the combination of
both silicon and nanofibrous solar panels in one place. They were installed facing all four
cardinal points, i.e. not only south, as it is usual by conventional silicon panels. This allows us
to compare the behaviour of both conventional and nanofibrous panels in various light and
temperature conditions,” Ladislav Mareš, ELMARCO Executive director, stated.

For the ČEZ Group, the project forms a part of its research, development and testing of new
power-producing technologies. “We anticipate that, owing to its flexibility, this new type of
panels could be applied as a part of building structures. Due to their physical characteristics,
these panels bid fair to be successfully used even in such light conditions when silicon cells
operate with difficulties. If the nanotechnology based panel production is even cheaper in
comparison with conventional silicon cells, then it should be a break-through,”Aleš Laciok, ČEZ, a.
s Research and Development Coordinator, stated.

Unique technology of the most advanced DSSC panels is based on exploitation of inorganic
nanofibrous materials made with the NanospiderTM technology, a worldwide proprietary of ELMARCO.
The new type of nanofibrous solar panel recently forming a base of mutual project of ČEZ Group and
ELMARCO had its world premiere during this year’s world summit Nanofibers for the 3rd Millennium –
Nano for life in Prague.

About the ČEZ Group

Being the major national electricity producer, the ČEZ Group plans to invest the amount in
full 30 billion CZK to renewable energy sources development within the next 15 years. The
objectives of ČEZ Group concerning the field of production capacities expansion from renewable
sources are directly related to the objective of the Czech Republic, to produce totally 13,5% of
its energy from renewable sources up to the year 2020, according to the Climate and Energy Package
of EU.They are in compliance with the Future motion vision as well, which is to proclaim an
intention of ČEZ Group to invest in new technologies enabling to produce, distribute and use
electric power more effectively and environment-friendly in future.

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About Elmarco s.r.o.

Globally, ELMARCO s.r.o. is the industry’s first supplier of industrial scale nanofibre
production appliances.Partnerships with global industrial leaders and foremost universities form
the foundations of success of the company.The unique NanospiderTM technology developed by ELMARCO
is designed to accomplish all demands in producing the highest quality nanofibres to versatile
applications.The appliance qualities including ease of use, scalability and modularity according to
the customer’s requirements, and flexibility are highly respected; due to them, ELMARCO has
succeeded at the world market. For more information, please visit

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Press Release Courtesy of Elmarco

November 2, 2009