AWI And NewMerino® Find A New Way For Australian Merino Wool

(December 15, 2009) – Australian Wool Innovation and NewMerino® have joined forces to develop new
market opportunities for Australian Merino wool in Europe and the USA.

The marketing expertise and local knowledge of AWI’s global sales network has been joined by
the certified traceability system and raw wool supply at NewMerino®.

The development aims to open up another line of supply for Australian wool, particularly for
retailers and brands looking to source the natural and renewable fibre from its place of origin on
Australian farms.

NewMerino® CEO Peter Vandeleur approached AWI for marketing and assistance to support his
quality assured supply chain.

AWI CEO Brenda McGahan said she was happy to help anyone sell more Australian wool.

“We aim to re-ignite the demand for wool with a renewed focus on marketing. AWI is working
the sweet spots of the supply chain to re-ignite demand for fine wool in the apparel trade and
broader and cross bred wool in the interior and non-apparel sectors.”

“We are well aware of the rising desire for traceability from retailers and we welcome the
initiative by NewMerino®. Given the location and expertise of our staff, AWI is in a unique
position to facilitate such arrangements,” Ms McGahan added.

NewMerino® involves individual woolgrowers and processors who work together through the wool
pipeline to ensure the quality attributes of Australian Merino wool required by brands and
retailers are maintained with full integrity and traceback.

“Access to AWI’s global and local expertise across a network is very valuable for us. I am
pleased to report the first response from retailers has been very positive,” Mr Vandeleur said.

Press release courtesy of AWI

December 15, 2009