DSM Partners With Prevent, Wins AVK Innovation Award

The Netherlands-based DSM Dyneema has announced that Prevent — Europe-based manufacturer of
Glassbeater cut-resistant clothing for manufacturers in the glass and metal industries — has
joined DSM’s global licensing program for protective clothing. Glassbeater’s collection of
comfortable, protective apparel is made with Dyneema® fiber and provides the maximum cut resistance
level 5 protection according to the EN388 cut-resistance standard. It also is CE marked, certifying
it has met European Union consumer safety, health and environmental requirements.

Together, DSM and Prevent will develop innovative products and market a broad portfolio of
protective clothing for arm, shoulder and body protection. The collaboration marks DSM’s business
strategy to expand its high-protective textiles applications beyond arm and hand protection to
all-body wear.

In other company news, Royal DSM N.V., parent company of DSM Dyneema, has won the
international AVK Innovation Award in the Environment category for its new lightweight air-cargo
containers, which help airlines reduce carbon emissions by 28,000 tons per year — equivalent to
removing 8,500 cars from the road. The containers are made using ultra-strong RP10 panels
comprising DSM’s Aeronite® resin and Dyneema fiber. The panels are three times more
impact-resistant and almost 50-percent lighter than standard aluminum panels used in cargo
containers, according to the company. DSM licensed the technology to Germany-based DoKaSch GmbH, an
air cargo equipment manufacturer. More than 400 containers have been used already by various

Each year, the AVK Innovation Awards are presented for solutions to state-of-the-art
technological issues based on the use of composites and thermosets. The awards recognize the
reinforced plastics industry’s achievements in environmental protection.

November 10, 2009