Atlas Introduces Two-Tier Rack For Ci3000+ Fade-Ometer®

Chicago-based Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC has added a two-tier rack option to its Ci3000+
Fade-Ometer® xenon weathering instrument. The option increases the Ci3000’s capacity by 50 percent,
from 2,188 square centimeters (cm
2) to 3422 cm
2. Unlike typical xenon textile testers that have two tiers of specimens arranged
vertically, Atlas’ innovative design combines two sample holders in its trademark inclined
position, offering unequaled irradiance uniformity across the entire vertical exposure area,
according to the company.

Each specimen’s opening measures 4 cm by 14.5 cm, providing plenty of space to take
instrumental color measurements. A standard insert allows one portion to be easily hidden for
visual color evaluations. The two-tier rack option also can be retrofitted to existing Ci3000+

“The Ci3000 is one of the most recognized lightfastness testing instruments for textile
testing,” said Matthew McGreer, global product manager, Atlas Material Testing Technology. “With
this product enhancement, we met our design goals of offering customers increased capacity without
sacrificing Atlas’ long-standing reputation of quality and uniformity.”

November 10, 2009