TenCate Geosynthetics Engineers Biaxial Geosynthetic Grid For Steepened Slope Applications

Pendergrass, Ga.-based TenCate Geosynthetics North America has created TenCate Miramesh® SG, a new
biaxial geosynthetic grid featuring a man-made grass face. The product was designed to act as a
face wrap offering a finished look in steepened slope applications. TenCate reports that Miramesh,
a combination TenCate’s Miramesh GR biaxial geosynthetic grid with man-made green grass fibers,
provides a layer of ultraviolet protection, which increases stability and doubles long-term

“Our new TenCate Miramesh® provides surface erosion protection and secondary reinforcement,”
said Jennifer McKay, marketing manager, TenCate. “The erosion protection facilitates the
establishment of vegetation and provides structural support for the forming of over-steepened
slopes. The secondary reinforcement facilitates compaction and helps prevent surficial sloughing at
the slope face.”

October 6, 2009