QuestaWeb Introduces FTZ Module

Westfield, N.J.-based QuestaWeb Inc., a provider of Web-based integrated global trade management
(GTM) solutions, has released a fully automated, integrated Web-based software module that manages
Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) operations and related manufacturing actions. According to QuestaWeb, the
FTZQW combines rule-based functionality with rich content, reporting and integration tools; and
offers multiple electronic links to government agencies. The company further reports the software
allows users to accurately control US Customs-supervised inventory, including compliant movements;
FTZ manufacturing; and overall compliance with Customs’ rules and regulations. FTZQW does not
require a transaction fee.

The software can be used as a stand-alone system or as part of QuestaWeb’s TradeMasterQW
suite of integrated GTM applications, and can interface with an importer’s enterprise resource
planning system to allow data sharing. The module provides immediate compliance verification and
supports management “by exception,” by which processes continue automatically unless a problem
arises. QuestaWeb’s FTZQW also is flexible, allowing the functionality to expand as an importer’s
needs change.

“The release of an automated, integrated FTZ module is a natural progression in the evolution
of our GTM application suite,” said Felix Pekar, COO, QuestaWeb. “Knowing our client base, and the
broader importer market, we knew some firms would prefer to file themselves and need ABI
connectivity, while others would need electronic connectivity to their brokers for filing purposes.
QuestaWeb`s FTZQW module supports all requirements – and more – due to its high degree of
automation and seamless integration. FTZ operators, regardless of business scope or model, can
achieve total compliance, manage by exception and never have to pay transaction fees.” 

September 8, 2009