Kraton Introduces Nexar™ Polymers

Houston-based Kraton Polymers LLC – a global producer of engineered polymers and styrenic block
copolymers (SBCs) – has introduced Nexar™ polymers for use in applications including water
desalination, industrial separation and enhancement of high-performance textiles and apparel. The
polymers provide permselectivity in coatings and membranes, allowing moisture to flow in one
direction while preventing other substances such as potentially harmful chemicals from passing
through. According to Kraton, the nonporous membranes offer benefits including high strength in wet
and dry environments and improved performance as temperatures rise; and they will not clog or lose
performance abilities over an extended period of time.

“We are pleased with the positive customer responses we have received since we introduced
Nexar polymers,” said Jim Dieter, vice president of marketing development, Kraton. “The early
success of Nexar polymers is a good indication of the interest in an innovative moisture-management
system that is compatible for high performance athletic apparel, outdoor survival equipment (tents,
sleeping bags etc.), military uniforms and biochemical garments. We strongly believe Nexar
polymers’ superior performance is unmatched by the competitive materials currently available in the

Kraton reports that Nexar polymers can easily be applied as either a single- or
multi-laminate process using current commercial equipment.

September 1, 2009