Kenyon Launches FR T-Shirt Featuring Outlast® Viscose Fiber

Peace Dale, R.I.-based Kenyon Consumer Products, a supplier of apparel and accessories for outdoor
enthusiasts, has introduced a flame-retardant (FR) modacrylic T-shirt featuring Outlast® viscose
fiber for temperature control. The shirt was originally developed as a baselayer shirt for military
personnel — an application in which protection and sweat-reduction properties as well as wearer
comfort are important. The shirt is now available commercially in silk-weight and medium-weight

According to Boulder, Colo.-based Outlast Technologies Inc., the T-shirt passes the ASTM D
6413-99 “Standard Test Method for Flame Resistance of Textiles (Vertical Test),” and was shown in
laboratory tests to reduce sweat by 30 percent.

“The shirt is well-suited for military combat situations to enhance the soldiers’ performance
by reducing sweat,” said Mike Henshaw, director of operations, Outlast Technologies. “The Outlast
viscose with temperature regulating technology keeps skin temperature cooler, which helps decrease
perspiration in warm environments where military personnel are often stationed.”

“Adding Outlast viscose to the shirt has resulted in a product that has double the comfort —
soft, comfortable, easy-to-wear fabric with temperature regulation so the wearer sweats less,” said
Andy Curtis, owner, Kenyon Consumer Products. “There really isn’t anything else like it on the

September 29, 2009