Greenology Selects SmartSilver™ For Do No Harm Scrubs

Dallas-based Greenology USA LLC has selected SmartSilver™ – a nanoscale silver antimicrobial
additive developed by State College, Pa.-based NanoHorizons Inc. – to provide permanent
antimicrobial properties to its Do No Harm™ line of medical scrubs. The scrubs contain recycled
fibers that are Oeko-Tex®-certified free from hazardous levels of more than 100 substances believed
to be harmful to human health.

“In order to live up to the Do No Harm ideal of scrubs that do no harm to the planet, to
patients, or to the medical personnel themselves, we needed to select our antimicrobial additive
with great care,” said Jim Noble, vice president, sales and marketing, Greenology. “SmartSilver met
every performance and sustainability criteria we set.”

“SmartSilver was developed originally for the medical market,” said Dr. James Delattre, vice
president, global marketing, NanoHorizons. “Now that SmartSilver additives are available for
textile and apparel applications, partnering with Greenology to launch a line of antimicrobial
scrubs is the perfect extension.”

September 1, 2009