TMC Offers Certified And Traceable Non-Mulesed Merino

The Merino Co. (TMC), Australia – a global provider of vertically integrated merino wool fiber
solutions for retail and brand partners – has introduced the first certified and traceable
non-mulesed merino (n.m.m.) wool brand platform. The platform guarantees that n.m.m. wool is
sourced from growers who have never practiced or have quit the practice of mulesing, an invasive
and reportedly painful procedure performed on merino sheep to prevent insect infestations and which
has become a subject of public debate concerning humane sheep-raising practices.

“We don’t accept any forms of mulesing under the n.m.m. brand, including clips, tail
stripping, or surgical mulesing,” said William Lempriere, CEO, TMC. “Our n.m.m. wool brand
customers are committing to an animal welfare standard, indicating to consumers that they will be
receiving a product that is animal friendly.”

In order to qualify for the brand, merino wool must have legal documentation from the
relevant body or woolgrower that it is non-mulesed, which must be verified by a third-party
organization. TMC then confirms the n.m.m. wool is processed separately and the integrity of the
batches is not compromised during processing. The company also offers customized Web-based
traceability programs to its customers.

August 25, 2009