The Rupp Report: Dornbirn – The Annual Man-Made Fibers Summit

For the 48th time, the most important congress for man-made fibers will take place. From Sept. 16
to 18, 2009, the world’s center for man-made fibers will be in Dornbirn, Austria. The motto of the
congress is “Communicating the Textile Future.”

Continuous Expansion In Spite Of A Difficult Environment

Since last year’s congress, up until the end of the year, the global financial crisis
escalated. Europe was also hit and is aware of its impact on the real economy. Friedrich Weninger,
the new president of the Austrian Man-Made Fibers Institute, organizer of the Dornbirn congress,
said “responsibility has to become the key issue of economic, social and environmental activities.”
Being a member of the Management Board of Austria-based Lenzing AG, Weninger has a close
relationship to man-made fibers, and therefore, he will ensure the continuous expansion of this
important global event in the coming years.


In the focus of this year’s conference is the issue of climate protection. This focus and the
conference’s motto are intended to confirm that the fiber industry and academic research institutes
have understood the message and know what it takes to address the issues. The issues of climate
protection, environmental compatibility and conservation of resources will shape the picture of the
21st century, the organizers said.

In the opening day plenary session, Brussels-based CIRFS: European Man-Made Fibers
Association will present the development strategies of the European man-made fibers industry. Dr.
Franz Effenberger from the Institute for Textile Chemistry and Chemical Fibers, (ITCF), Denkendorf,
Germany, and Dr. Hilmar Fuchs from the Saxon Textile Research institute (STFI), Chemnitz, Germany,
will acknowledge the history and merits of Paul Schlack and Wilhelm Albrecht and their
contributions to the world of man-made fibers. A ceremony to award the Paul Schlack Man-made Fibers
Prize to a young scientist will follow.

Plenary Session

Dr. Josef Reichholf, Zoologische Staatssammlung, Munich, Germany, will give a paper titled
“Climate Change – Biological View.” Bob Peoples, American Chemical Society, Washington, will follow
with a very presentation titled “Green Chemistry.” Elmar Witten, Verstärkte Kunststoffe, Frankfurt,
will cover the subject of composites in a paper titled “Market and Market Development for
Composites in Europe.”

New Developments In Fibers

With more than 100 different lectures, the section “New Developments in Fibers” – including
bicomponent fibers and nanotechnologies – will be represented throughout the congress and will be
opened with a presentation by Akihiro Omatsuzawa, Japan Chemical Fibers Association, Tokyo, who
will provide an overview of the development of environmentally conscious technologies and textile
products in Japan.

“Fibers for Medical and Hygienic Textiles” – including Smart Textiles – along with the
section “Fibers for Composites, Transportation and Professional Wear” will demonstrate the
importance of these topics. A further highlight is the section “Fibers and Textiles in Connection
with the Climate Change,” which will include papers on water management, geotextiles and
agrotextiles, followed by a presentation of EU research projects.

Dornbirn: The Communication Platform

A look at the development of the European/American man-made fiber, textile and nonwovens
industry shows that only the most innovative and healthy companies will be able to overcome
difficulties such as the current economic crisis. In order to improve the importance of the
Dornbirn congress as a communication platform, the organizers are planning to arrange meetings of
the textile and apparel industry and other associations prior to the official opening of the
congress. According to the organizers, at first glance, there is great interest.

Friends of Dornbirn

The Dornbirn congress also is looking for new ideas and unconventional solutions. One
constant task is to promote young talent in the man-made fiber industry. From its beginnings,
Dornbirn has been an interesting forum for young technicians and scientists to present their ideas
and to network. This task will be supported actively by the Friends of Dornbirn.

More information on the summit of the man-made fiber industry is available at

August 18, 2009