PBSI Launches DuPont™ Kevlar® XP™ Body Armor

Pompano Beach, Fla.-based Point Blank Solutions Inc. (PBSI) — a producer of body armor solutions
for the US military, government and law enforcement agencies, in addition to certain global markets
— has introduced a line of high-performance ballistic armor systems featuring 100-percent DuPont™
Kevlar® XP™ woven fabric technology. The line includes the company’s KXPIIIA ballistic model,
available in Point Blank Body Armor’s Hi-Lite XP™ and Protective Apparel Corp. of America’s Perform
XP™ versions. The protective solutions meet the National Institute of Justice’s (NIJ’s) .06 testing
requirements and are certified under the Level IIIA performance standard.

PBSI collaborated with DuPont Protection Technologies in developing Hi-Lite XP and Perform XP
to protect officers against increased threat levels and to stop bullets under a range of extreme
field conditions such as heat, cold, humidity and mechanical wear. Independent tests conducted by
DuPont have shown Kevlar XP provides enhanced bullet resistance and reduced back face deformation
and is 10-percent lighter than other commercially available technologies designed to protect
against the 44 Magnum and other ballistic threats. The systems also are engineered to protect
against special threats ammunition.

PBSI will offer Hi-Lite XP and Perform XP with ergonomically improved carriers providing
increased range of motion, flexibility and adjustability, and with protective features such as the
company’s patented Self Suspending Ballistic System™, which adjusts to the body’s contours to allow
improved maneuverability.

August 4, 2009