Baumer Introduces FADK 14 Pulsed LED Sensor

Southington, Conn.-based Baumer Ltd. USA – a manufacturer of sensors and system solutions for
factory and process automation, and a part of Switzerland-based Baumer Electric AG – has debuted
the FADK 14 Pulsed Red LED Sensor for high-speed distance and position measuring.

According to Baumer, the FADK 14 – which has a 50- to 400-millimeter (mm) sensing range and
provides resolutions of 0.1 to 1 mm – gives highly accurate measurements for any substrate material
or target object color, and strong ambient light up to 25 kLux will not affect the sensor’s
measurement accuracy. It features a transparent rear housing, which enables operating and reception
LEDs to be viewed from almost any angle, making the sensor easy to install and operate.

The company also reports the FADK 14 needs little space for mounting and is suitable for a
variety of applications including material handling, packaging, printing/graphics, laboratory
automation and electronics fabrication, among other applications. The sensor has an integrated
alarm output and is available in current or voltage output versions.

August 25, 2009