AAPN Debuts New Web Sourcing Engine

The Atlanta-based American Apparel Producers’ Network (AAPN) has launched a new sourcing engine
based on Web 3.0 Internet technology to enhance the interaction and collaboration between
information providers and seekers using the AAPN website. The updated website, located at
www.aapnetwork.net, is powered by Newport, Ky.-based
Innersync Studio’s Innersuite™ browser-based Web content management system.

According to Sue Strickland, AAPN’s executive director, the new system enables quick changes
to be made to keep the information provided on the website up-to-date. “Our website is set up using
keywords; and now, new keywords can be added immediately when someone has something new to offer.
Our members can log on anytime from anywhere and control their own listings – changing addresses or
keywords or anything else that needs updating. The information exists in cyberspace instead of
being tied to a physical location,” she said.

AAPN describes its website as being a “series of mini-websites” – essentially a “business
media dashboard” using an optimized search engine to provide information on members’ products,
personnel, services, skills and other offerings. It also includes links, images, news and videos;
offers blogs and Twitter; and will be adding other social media functions.

“The ‘social media’ for businesses hinges on continuously updated content,” said Mike
Todaro, managing director, AAPN. “Business people now control what information they get, and we
work hard to master skills that make it easy for them to find our members first.”

August 18, 2009