Manufacturers Chemicals Introduces EcoCare LNC

Cleveland, Tenn.-based Manufacturers Chemicals LLC — a producer of specialty chemicals for the
textile, paper, metals and coating industries, and a division of Synalloy Corp. — has introduced
EcoCare LNC, an eco-friendly disperse dye leveling agent for polyester and other disperse dyeable

According to Chuck Stieg, president, Manufacturers Chemicals, many disperse dye leveling
agents are derivatives of phosphated or end-capped nonylphenol ethoxolates, which recent research
indicates may not be completely reacted or can decouple as they degrade, and release nonylphenol
into the environment.

“We expect the use of these derivatives will be discontinued as this new information comes to
light,” Stieg said. “In addition, we are dedicated to developing chemistry that is completely green
in that it comes from renewable feed stock and leaves a small environmental footprint in all phases
of manufacture.”

The company reports it has successfully completed performance testing of EcoCare LNC, and the
product offers additional benefits including other synergistic effects: “[EcoCare LNC] is extremely
low foaming; aids in dispersing dyes, offers wetting and emulsification properties, is an effective
bath lubricant in its own rights and has low biochemical oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand,”
said Mike Jenkins, director of the company’s Dalton, Ga.-based Floor Covering Group operation,
where testing was undertaken. He added that the agent is more economical than dye leveling agents
derived from nonylphenol ethoxalates.

July 28, 2009