Lenzing, Weyerhaeuser Commission TencelWeb™ Pilot Plant

Austria-based cellulosic fiber and polymer producer Lenzing Group and Weyerhaeuser — a Federal
Way, Wash.-based softwood market pulp producer, and a leader in cellulose-based research and
development — have commissioned a pilot plant to investigate the commercial potential of
TencelWeb™, a new technology for the direct production of lyocell nonwoven fabrics targeted toward
industrial and personal care products. The pilot plant, to be built in Lenzing, Austria, will focus
on testing large-scale production of this meltblown and spunbond technology for cellulose fiber.

“This cooperation combines over 20 years of Lenzing’s expertise in the development of lyocell
staple fiber and Weyerhaeuser’s extensive experience in applying technology to cellulose to create
innovative, sustainable products,” said Don Atkinson, vice president, market development and
innovation for the Cellulose Fibers Business, Weyerhaeuser.

“Working with key partners in the industry, the next stage of our joint development work will
focus on understanding the key process economics and the unique capabilities of TencelWeb™,” said
Robert Smith, new business and innovation director, Nonwovens Business Unit, Lenzing.

June 16, 2009