Culp Receives Copyrights For Three Upholstery Fabric Designs

High Point, N.C.-based Culp Inc. – a manufacturer of mattress and upholstery fabrics – has been
granted US copyright registrations for its Palomino, Stampede and Wrangler upholstery fabric
designs. The registrations were issued in April 2009, with June 15, 2006, as the effective
registration date.

Culp has sold more than 15 million yards of fabric featuring the three designs, which have
leather-like appearances and qualities. The company estimates industry competitors and
manufacturers have sold a significant amount of knock-offs of these fabrics. Now that Culp has been
issued certificates of registration, it plans to aggressively pursue enforcement of its rights
against infringers, seeking all available relief including damages and a disgorgement of profits,
as well as injunctions against future sales of knock-off fabrics. The company also is recording its
copyright registrations with US Customs and Border Protection so US Customs can locate and
confiscate imports of infringing fabric.

“We take great pride in our valued fabric designs, including the revolutionary designs
embodied in our Palomino, Stampede and Wrangler fabrics,” said Frank Saxon, CEO, Culp. “Culp has
numerous customers who have consistently bought our authentic fabrics, and the purchase and sale of
unauthorized copies affects not only Culp’s business, but also our loyal customers and the fabric
industry as a whole. We intend to protect ourselves and our valued customers.”

June 2, 2009