APDN Uses SigNature® DNA To Mark Raw Cotton Fibers

Applied DNA Sciences Inc. (APDN), a Stony Brook, N.Y.-based provider of DNA encrypted and embedded
authentication solutions, announced it has successfully marked more than 500,000 pounds of raw
cotton fiber with its patented SigNature® DNA solution as part of a collaborative pilot study
conducted in partnership with a major US cotton producer. According to the company, this is the
largest use of a commercial DNA marker to date.

The project complements APDN’s Biomaterial™ Genotyping platform, known as “Fibertyping,”
which tracks cotton’s native DNA and authenticates it. Native DNA can be used to identify the plant
cultivar and country of origin of the cotton fiber. SigNature DNA markers enable a producer of
natural or man-made fibers to track specific batches of fiber through to finished textiles and

“SigNature DNA is very versatile,” said Dr. James Hayward, CEO, APDN. “It can be embedded
into any fiber or polymeric raw material used in technical textile products. Medical textiles,
protective clothing, performance clothing for work or outdoor activities, as well as nonwoven
materials, can also benefit from SigNature DNA identification and authentication. SigNature markers
can enable any manufacturer of synthetic fibers or any farmer of natural fibers to trace the
inclusion of their fibers in retail goods.”

According to the National Cotton Council, cotton is America’s premier value-added crop and is
the main fiber used in apparel. Counterfeiting and fraud have become important issues in the
apparel and textile industries, creating a need to validate the original cotton fiber used
throughout the cotton supply chain.

June 9, 2009