Unifi Closes On Joint Venture Sale, Focuses On UTSC Subsidiary

Greensboro, N.C.-based textured yarn manufacturer Unifi Inc. has sold its 50-percent interest in
Yihua Unifi Fibre Industry Co. Ltd., the company’s joint venture with Sinopec Yizheng Chemical
Fiber Co. Ltd. Unifi will continue providing service to its customers in Asia through China-based
subsidiary Unifi Textiles Suzhou Co. Ltd. (UTSC). UTSC develops, sells and provides technical
service for premium value-added (PVA) yarns.

“Succeeding in today’s global economic climate requires an even greater focus on supply chain
management and the development of innovative specialty yarns, and UTSC provides Unifi with the
flexibility and speed-to-market required to respond to the needs of our customers in Asia,” said
Roger Berrier, executive vice president, Unifi. “And now with the sale of our joint venture, UTSC
will continue to expand the sales and promotion of the company’s specialty and PVA products, while
aggressively focusing on global product commercialization of new and existing products.”

Unifi plans to commercialize newly developed, enhanced textile technologies in China through
UTSC. Technologies include next-generation Sorbtek® moisture-management technology, which is more
competitively priced for China, and the company’s Repreve® brand of sustainable textiles, including
Repreve polyester staple fibers for use in spun yarns. Unifi also will begin to expand its
recycling efforts in China.   

April 7, 2009