Meech Introduces New Static Control System

Norton, Ohio-based machinery developer Meech Static Eliminators USA Inc. has introduced the 977CM
Pulsed DC controller, a static control system that features a fully automated closed-loop feedback
system and a sensor bar that detects residual voltages on web paths and then instructs the unit to
tune its output to ensure the best possible charge neutralization for operating conditions.
According to the company, it is the first true closed-loop static control system, and facilitates
sustained optimum performance as well as increasing the cleaning interval.

“The ionizing bar is a key component in any static control system,” said David Rogers,
international product manager, Meech. “However, it is the nature of such bars that they become
contaminated during use and have to be cleaned regularly in order to remain efficient. Depending
upon the application, this can be as often as once a week. Reducing the downtime required for
cleaning results in a direct increase in productivity.

“Optimizing static control at all times makes it possible to improved finished product
quality, whether this is on an unwind/rewind or slitting unit, a packaging line or printing press,”
Rogers continued. “The closed-loop facility means that current information relating to the residual
electrostatic charge in the material being handled is always available on the clear LCD display.
This data can be transmitted to allow remote monitoring and logging for quality assurance

Meech reports the 977CM is flexible and simple to install, and can be quickly connected to
existing Meech Pulsed DC static elimination systems. It also features an easy-to-use keypad for
programming settings, with a lock that prevents unauthorized or accidental setting changes.

April 28, 2009