Itema And Lamiflex Strengthen Partnership

Itema Weaving – a weaving machines and accessories manufacturer, and a division of the Italy-based
International Technology & Machinery Group (Itema) – and Lamiflex S.p.A., an Italy-based
producer of technical composite materials – have signed an agreement to develop new products and
processes, and to share intellectual property rights through mutual protection strategies.

Itema and Lamiflex will distribute machinery spare parts to the international market, using
their existing commercial channels and sales networks to market and sell the products. The two
groups plan eventually to cross-license their trademarks and patented technologies. According to
the companies, this collaboration will provide improved service to their customers, including
efficiencies in response times and procedures.

“Consolidating and intensifying a collaboration with a partner such as Itema Weaving is an
opportunity to be taken,” said Francesco Corsi, manager and coordinator of the agreement, Lamiflex.
“Being present on the market in a coordinated way enhances the capability and opportunities of both
companies to face challenges, while developing new solutions at the same time.”

April 7, 2009