Cad Modelling Introduces Portable Body-ScanFit® Portable Bodyscanner

Italy-based Cad Modelling Ergonomics S.r.l., a developer of computer-aided design solutions for the
fashion industry, has introduced Body-ScanFit®, a portable bodyscanner for made-to-measure and mass
costumization processes.

Body-ScanFit scans a person to extract the required measurements; classifies the measured
body shape into morphological families using the Fx-Fit® classification system; creates a virtual
avatar; then transforms the avatar into Formax®, a real-fit mannequin that can be used to create
made-to-measure apparel. According to Cad Modelling, the scanning process is complete in just four

Body-ScanFit offers other benefits including an optimized purchase-order procedure; the
ability to create a customer database; and creation of an online catalogue for customers to preview

April 28, 2009