Zimmer Announces Sale Of TecTex Machines To EcoFibre

Spartanburg-based Zimmer Machinery Corp. has has announced the sale of three needlepunching
machines produced by Italy-based TecTex S.r.l. to geotextiles manufacturer EcoFibre S.r.l., Italy.

All three machines have a working width of 295 inches or 7,500 millimeters, with features
including: super-rigid mainframes that do not require central support feet; a no-friction device
that controls the needles’ axiality; super-lightweight aluminum needlebeams, supports and forks;
temperature sensors on all bearings; a pneumatic clamping system with ultra-rapid air exit on the
release; feeding and exit systems on rails; a cooling system for bearings that lowers noise and
improves cooling; and multiple motorization on the batt-feeding system to optimize web drafting.

March 10, 2009