Protex Introduces Prote®-Gal EDR Dye Bath Additive

France-based Protex International, a producer of chemical and biochemical specialties for a variety
of industries, has developed a dye bath additive for reactive and direct dyeing of 100-percent
cotton and polyester/cotton blend fabrics. According to Protex, Prote®-Gal EDR promotes an even dye
strike with an on-tone uptake and buildup of dye leaving dyestuff yield unaffected; is suitable for
use in dye recipes containing dyes that have different strike rates and affinities for cellulose
fibers, especially in difficult dye recipes such as those for bright shades; prevents differential
dyeing of abraded cotton fabrics, which is common when high-molecular-weight dyes, such as
phtalocyanines, are used; and is recommended when a small shading addition is made to match a
target color.

February 24, 2009