Huntsman Adds Dyes To Novacron® S Range, High IQ™ Lasting Color Inducted Into Library Of Innovative Materials

Switzerland-based Huntsman Textile Effects — a manufacturer of chemicals and dyes for finished
textiles and materials, and a division of Huntsman International LLC — has created three new
intense, brilliant shades for its Novacron® line. The dyes — Novacron Lemon S-3G, known as Juicy
Lemon; Novacron Ocean S-R, known as Living Ocean; and Novacron Ruby S-3B, known as Sparkling Ruby —
offer the dyer an economical way to produce intense, bright shades, according to the company.

Sparkling Ruby may be combined with other Novacron S dyes such as Yellow S-3R or Dark Blue
S-GL for medium shades; or Ocean S-R for bright violet hues. According to Huntsman, Living Ocean
has outstanding build-up properties and is capable of producing bright royal blue shades, while
reducing recipe costs by up to 50-percent. When combined, Juicy Lemon and Living Ocean produce
intense bright green colors.

In other company news, Huntsman Textile Effects reports its High IQ™ Lasting Color product
has been added to Material ConneXion’s library of innovative materials. Materials specialists at
New York City-based Material ConneXion select products to be included in the library, which
provides a cross-industry perspective on materials, sustainable alternatives and their potential
uses to help users gain a creative or competitive edge through strategic material selections.

According to Huntsman, the High IQ branding program represents innovation and quality in
dyeing. Dyes are specially selected for their ability to remain vibrant after repeated washing, and
their reduced risk of staining other garments during laundering. High IQ products now will be on
display at Material ConneXion’s offices in New York City; Cologne, Germany; Milan; and Bangkok,

February 3, 2009