Lenzing Introduces SleepFacto® Concept For Comforters

Austria-based cellulosic fiber manufacturer Lenzing AG has launched SleepFacto® comforters that
offer high moisture-buffering capacity to improve sleep quality. This is the first time the
functionality of a complete comforter is being examined, according to Lenzing.

The SleepFacto® comforters contain a mix of fibers, combining at least 50 percent Lenzing
Tencel® fiber — characterized by its moisture absorption properties and soft hand — blended with
another company’s material. Lenzing will issue the license for the partner company to use the

The first SleepFacto® product manufactured according to the criteria combines Tencel with
Suprelle® Eco fibers, produced by the Netherlands-based polyester fiber manufacturer Advansa. The
blend of Tencel and Suprelle Eco fibers offers a soft, moisture-active, eco-friendly material,
according to Lenzing.

January 27, 2009