Victor Gelb Becomes Finite Fiber

Akron, Ohio-based Victor Gelb Inc., a supplier of fiber for polymer-based products, has changed its
name to Finite Fiber to reflect the growth and advancement in polymer use.

Finite Fiber’s product offering has expanded and now includes RFL surface-treated, engineered
textile fibers; engineered, multi-filament fiber bundles; industrial-grade nylon and polyester
textile fiber; treated, spun cotton textile fiber; 200- to 300-micron milled, 93-percent
polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber; and low-fibrillation, 1- to 2-millimeter aramid pulp.

According to Finite Fiber, the addition of fibers to polymeric compounds offers benefits such
as abrasion, compression, cut, tear, and chunk-out resistance; tensile strength; dimensional
stability; green strength; cut propagation; die-swell distortion; noise reduction; and, generally,
reduced costs.

November 11, 2008