Kentwool Launches WINDspun Premium Yarn

Greenville-based wool yarn spinner Kentwool has introduced WINDspun, a top-of-the-line wool yarn,
described as “the smoothest, most luxurious wool yarn ever produced in the company’s history.”

The new yarn will be produced at the company’s upstate South Carolina manufacturing
facility, which is equipped with very specialized production machinery and is the only facility in
the Western Hemisphere to have received Usterized® quality certification for its quality management
system. WINDspun will be used in apparel marketed by top global brands.

“WINDspun is one of the most exciting developments in our corporate history,” said Mark
Kent, president and CEO, Kentwool. “It is a revolutionary product brand that mirrors our commitment
to innovation, and to our customers — who deserve the best.”

Through an ongoing research and education partnership with Clemson, S.C.-based Clemson
University and its School of Materials Science and Engineering, Kentwool has been developing new
products and processes, which, according to Kent, are “already generating real results and [are]
capable of producing game-changing technologies in our industry.”

The company recently pledged $500,000 over five years to support Clemson’s Advanced
Fiber-based Materials Center of Economic Excellence (See “
Center Of Economic Excellence To Be Established At Clemson
,” Nov. 11, 2008
). The gift will
endow the university’s Kentwool distinguished Professorship of Natural Fibers and the Kentwool
Educational Endowment.

November 25, 2008