Optimer Grants Dri-release® License To Karsu Tekstil

Optimer Performance Fibers Inc., Wilmington, Del., has signed a licensing agreement with
Turkey-based cellulosic yarn spinner Karsu Tekstil, authorizing Karsu to use its Dri-release®
fabric with FreshGuard® patented moisture-management technology. Dri-release with FreshGuard fabric
comprises a blend of man-made and natural fibers that repels water and wards off odor. Karsu
specializes in spinning cotton and cotton blends, and also engineers fire-resistant blends.

According to Karen Deniz, Optimer’s managing director of marketing, Karsu will first refine
several versions of a polyester/cotton Dri-release with FreshGuard, then concentrate on
manufacturing Dri-release E.C.O. wool blends. “Ultimately, we would like Karsu to develop a new
Dri-release nylon blend as well,” Deniz added.

October 14, 2008