SchäferRolls Acquires Samco

Germany-based SchäferRolls — a supplier of proprietary roll covers and rolls services used in a
range of industrial applications — has acquired Farmington, N.H.-based Samco Inc. — a company in
the business of roll rebuilding and recovering for the pulp, paper and converting industries — and
formed SchaeferRolls Inc.

The new company will operate out of Samco’s existing manufacturing and service facility in
Farmington, which will be upgraded and expanded, with all existing Samco employees, product lines
and technology incorporated into the new business. SchaeferRolls will add a new dual chamber oven;
a CNC controlled roll grinder, a composite cover application station and a new Vac-U-Blast station;
and upgrade the polyurethane and rubber production lines, with completion expected in the third and
fourth quarters of this year.

Former Samco Inc. stockholders Bradley Moore and Jeanine Lewis, will serve as SchaeferRolls’
president and vice president, respectively. J.T. Fisher has been appointed director, sales and
marketing; and Janko Lukezic has been named technical director. The company will add more sales and
service engineers to support the new expanded product and service offerings as they enter the

September 9, 2008