Milliken Eliminates Transparencies

Spartanburg-based textile and chemical manufacturer Milliken & Company is continuing its “With
Respect for our Earth” green initiatives by outlawing the use of transparencies and transparency
machines for presentations made in internal meetings.

“A company like Milliken, which thrives on facts, data and analysis, can literally use a ton
of transparencies in the course of a year,” said Richard Dillard, director of public affairs,
Milliken. The company will switch to using laptop projectors for all of its presentations, saving
not only on the cost of transparencies but also the cost of disposing of them and the raw materials
used to produce them. “The film used for making transparencies is petroleum-based, so the
initiative also contributes to reducing dependency on oil during a time of high energy costs,”
Dillard said.

The company will donate used equipment and supplies to nonprofit agencies through United Way,
and to local schools.

September 9, 2008