The Rupp Report: Holidays?

Have you had your holidays this year? One, two, or even weeks? I’m convinced that the vacation
season is a very important time of the year. We are living in very demanding times; everybody is
pushed to provide 150 percent – to do less means losing the race. So to relax, to recharge the
battery is essential.


Holidays are essential, not only for yourself, but also for your job. Being stressed all the
year round is very bad, from a personal and from a business point of view. It means no time for
reflection and contemplation on whatever you’re doing. The results are obvious: trouble everywhere
– with family, job, and friends.

Slow Down

But are you able to slow down? Some can, some can’t. I’m sure everybody knows these kinds of
people: before they go for their annual holiday, they tell everybody to leave them alone – please
don’t disturb my leisure time with dolce far niente. But they don’t forget to tell you their
address, and, at least, their private cell phone number – just in case you might have a question
only they can answer. Or even better – sorry, even worse – a problem only they can settle.

I’m just back from a two-week holiday. Going for a holiday means a lot more work prior to
vacation, especially for an editor. For example, you expect this report every week. But I’m sure
this is the case for most of the people in private industry. The job must be done.

However, frankly speaking, for me it’s always a tough job to relax. It takes at least 10 days
to slow down. I’m getting quiet and easy, but then I go back to work. For people around me, it must
be hell because I want to keep myself busy, but at the same time I try not to think about anything.
But who can think about nothing? You see. At least, I’m not reading any newspaper or watching any
news on TV, and I’m trying to be in my own little world.

Close Your Eyes

So, the only thing I know from the past two weeks is that the Olympics are over now, and I
don’t even know if the Swiss horses won a medal thanks to their new blankets (see The Rupp Report
from August 12). But I do know that China won the most gold medals, and the United States came in
second. Just like in real life. If I’m not totally wrong, the Chinese won more than 50 gold medals
and some 50 silver and bronze medals too – Wow!

For the future, I wonder how many sports will be worthy to be an Olympic competition for even
more Olympic gold medals. Then, just like in real life, we will have another inflation, but this
time of gold medals. There was even a BMX bike competition this time. In a few years, let’s say
after London 2012, the Olympic Games will be an event just like the past ITMA ASIA + CITME 2008: a
Chinese-dominated event with international participation.

August 26, 2008