TechFiber Launches Blast Containment Wall Covering

Tempe, Ariz.-based TechFiber LLC, a developer and producer of ballistic fiber and protective
materials, has introduced its Blast Containment Wall Covering fabric, an internationally patented,
lightweight, flexible, fire- and fungus-resistant fabric that can be installed to cover the walls
and ceiling inside a room or building to contain fragments caused by an explosion and protect the
structure’s occupants.

The fabric is woven using aramid Dref friction-spun yarn and cotton. The wall covering can be
installed without the use of special equipment and can be painted with commercially available

“The aramid wall covering prevents fragmentation from penetrating into the building
interior,” said Miles Rothman, general manager, TechFiber. “The Blast Containment Wall Covering
keeps terrorism at bay and buildings and people safer.”

August 19, 2008