Sensor Products Presents Sigma-Nip® Analysis System

Madison, N.J.-based Sensor Products Inc. — manufacturer and distributor of tactile pressure sensing
solutions — has developed a new Sigma-Nip® electronic nip analysis system in partnership with
Finland-based Metso Paper Inc., a supplier of technology for the pulp and paper industry. Sigma-Nip
measures nip widths from 0.15 to 9 inches on such rolls as large pulp and paper rolls, small
converting rolls, and calender stacks. It can accommodate face lengths of 35 to 443 inches, and can
withstand pressures from 40 to 3,000 pounds per square inch. According to Sensor products, the
system is accurate and fast, and is quickly deployed across the roller face when operated by one

“Sigma-Nip® has come a long way from concept to being a reliable, easy-to-use nip profile
measuring tool,” said Mike Stoltz, senior product manager, Metso Paper USA. “Being able to save and
review the entire real-time data from nip closing to nip opening is extremely useful, however, the
ability to correlate accurate nip width data to roll deflection is an exceptional benefit.”

Little computer knowledge is needed to use the Windows-compatible Sigma-Nip, as the system
prompts users through step-by-step instructions. The software also includes a Comparison Mode,
which allows up to three nip width readings to be viewed simultaneously; and an Alignment Tool,
which quickly draws a line to show nip width variations. Sigma-Nip can be used during equipment
setups and shutdowns, and is useful as a quality control tool and for ongoing maintenance.

August 12, 2008