Warwick Mills Wins Export Achievement Award

In recognition of its success in exporting the textiles it produces, New Ipswich, N.H.-based
Warwick Mills has received an Export Achievement certificate from the US Department of Commerce. US
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce Matt Priest presented the certificate during a visit to the
company this week.

Warwick Mills was established in 1870 as a manufacturer of cotton-based textiles. More
recently, the company has shifted its focus to materials engineering and protective fabrics using
its core technical textiles, adhesives and performance coatings technologies. Its TurtleSkin®
branded products are used in a range of applications from body armor and ballistic, puncture and
snake bite protection to inflatable structures and chemical-biological protective structures, among
other applications. TurtleSkin protective gloves are worn by some 15,000 US Marines in Iraq; and
the company exports its products to countries such as Brazil, Germany, Mexico and South Korea.

July 15, 2008