MBI Technology Introduces Circular-Type Knitting Machine

South Korea-based intarsia sweater knitting machinery producer MBI Technology Co. Ltd. has launched
its MBI-S1342 intarsia machine providing up to 42 color changes in a single course. According to
the company, the new machine uses the world’s first circular type and circular knitting machine
structure for the mass production of knits.

The 25.1-inch-diameter machine features a needle cylinder that rotates reciprocally back and
forth, allowing for the knitting of complex intarsia patterns; a standard gauge of 13, with stitch
cam adjustable from 12 to 14; and 42 feeders for intarsia and 2 feeders for rib. Fabric body and
rib borders can be knitted simultaneously. The Windows®-based Easy Graphic Design System enables
designers to store their designs and load them on the machine through its USB port; and also
enables small-batch production of those designs.

“We are hearing a lot of positive feedback about our new MBI-S1342 from the market research
and prospects, especially in European and Asian sweater manufacturing industry,” said Denny Y. D.
Koo, vice president, MBI Technology.

July 29, 2008