Weave Corp’s Greenweave™ Fabric Gains MBDC’s Cradle To CradleSM Certification

Hackensack, N.J.-based upholstery and home decorating fabric manufacturer Weave Corp.’s Greenweave™
Post Consumer Polyester contract and residential uphostery fabric has received silver Cradle to
SM certification from McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry LLC (MBDC), a
Charlottesville, Va.-based sustainable design and product development consultancy.

Under the Cradle to Cradle certification program, products are evaluated according to
established standards for environmental and human health as well as recyclability. Certification
levels include basic, silver, gold and platinum — with each successive level representing improved
compliance over the previous level in terms of achieving closed-loop circulation of materials, zero
use of harmful materials, use of renewable energy sources and responsible use of water in
manufacturing, among other criteria.

Weave Corp.’s Greenweave Post Consumer Polyester fabric — made using wind power, clean water
and safe dyes containing no heavy metals —  are woven with yarns made from 100-percent
post-consumer polyester from soda and water bottles and are themselves also 100-percent recyclable.

The Greenweave fabric line also includes 100-percent biodegradable fabrics made with organic
cotton, bamboo, linen, hemp and silk fibers.

May 6, 2008