The Rupp Report: Get The Right Information

We are living in a fast world with a lot of information. Regarding communications, many people are
asking me the same question again and again: What is better — an Internet-based newsletter or
printed magazines? The answer is always the same: It depends. To make it more clear: It depends on
the content of your information.

Should it be truly in-depth, or do you just want to inform your audience in a very short and
condensed way? Let me explain what I mean:

Printed Magazine …

I love reading books, and I still buy books if the content attracts me. But I don’t buy
paperbacks; I only buy books with a hard cover. Yes, it’s more expensive, but I like to sit down,
browse through and read the book. Then I put it back on the shelf, maybe to take it out again. This
is the in-depth way, just like reading magazines. After many years in journalism, I always hear
readers telling the same story: “When the magazine is on my desk, I have a look at the contents,
and if there is something interesting, I’ll mark it. And when I have time, on a plane, or over the
weekend, I’ll read the article.” That’s why printed media is still a very attractive communication

… Or Electronic News?

However, readers also say, “If I want to have fast and short news, I use the Internet and
newsletters or similar communication tools.” The proof of the pudding is that you are reading this
report. Our monitoring system tells us that we add readers daily to our website.

Another question over the years has been, are you not afraid of electronic media, being a
journalist working for printed magazines? No, the reasons are the same as mentioned above. It
depends. I’m deeply convinced that the textile world needs both ways: the printed media and the
electronic format. The

Textile Industries Media Group
has the same thinking: Use the right tool at the right time in the right way.

It’s Just A Click Away

An Internet site must be clear, short and just a click away from the requested information.
The Textile Industries Media Group recently invested a lot of time and creativity to update its
websites. They are live now, and you can check them out at:

With these addresses, you are just one click away from a lot of interesting textile news. If
you are a reader of one of our global magazines, try another website — maybe you want to know what
the South Americans are reading.

Enjoy browsing. Feedback at is always more
than welcome.