Preliminary Study Indicates Celliant™-Enhanced Apparel May Reduce Pain

Data collected in a preliminary clinical study of Celliant™ — Newport Beach, Calif.-based Hologenix
LLC’s specially developed material that is incorporated into fabrics to increase oxygen levels in
the body — suggests that the material may also reduce pain.

The study, sponsored by Hologenix, compared the effects of the material on diabetics
experiencing neuropathic pain with its effects on a non-diabetic control group. According to the
company, both groups reported significant pain relief with Celliant, and the researchers are
preparing a paper reporting the results for submission to a peer-reviewed journal.

“We have sponsored a properly designed clinical trial, now complete except for the final
statistical analysis,” said Dean Jensen, CEO, Hologenix. “The preliminary data analysis shows a
strong trend in favor of Celliant compared to placebo products.

“To date, much of the research conducted on Celliant has been limited to patients with
diabetes, or some form of vascular impairment,” Jensen added. “However, many individuals have
trouble staying active because of chronic pain — virtually everyone suffers from some sort of ache
or pain during their life.”

Celliant, developed as a result of research in the field of alternative medicine — in
particular, into the use of certain natural substances in Asia that are thought to improve health —
has been incorporated into apparel, bedding and medical fabrics. Hologenix was founded to
commercialize and market the material, which was introduced originally as Holofiber®. Celliant is
an improved version of the original product.

April 8, 2008